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Biotech is Godzilla Bass Tabs
Roots of Sepultura - www.treibsand.com/sepultura
Another great song from Jello Biafra, made immortal by Sepultura.  Tune
up to an E, or possibly an E flat; just mess with it till you find it.
                            RUSS FARHA/ DALLAS,TX
"Biotech is Godzilla"
(guitar intro)
E:--4-0------0-2-3-4-0-2-3-4-0-2-3-4-0-2-3-4--| the structure is hard
to                                              write out, but these
are                                              the notes
E:--1-0-0-1-0-0-1-0-0-2-4--| x4
CHORUS-both times then before break,
E:--2-2-0----2-2-0----2-2-0----2-2-0--| to bass break,
E:--4-2--2-5--5-2--2-0----2--2-5--5-2--2-0--| to guitar solo,
E:--0-2-2-0--2-2-0--2-2-0--2-2-0--| over and over 
then repeat riff before solo, then another chorus and your done! Enjoy!
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