• Song:

    Player Piano

  • Artist:

    Seven Mary Three

  • Album:

    Rock Crown

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C (x32010@1)                           FPlay (133211@1)me like a player piano
Amroll (x02210@1)me from the corners
Fof (133211@1)your dark and dusty shadows

C (x32010@1)               FLike (133211@1)a player piano,
AmI (x02210@1)sit useless
                      Fmost (133211@1)of the time

G (320003@1)                AmThe (x02210@1)bar gets darker
Fit (133211@1)swallows up the scarlet

The barkeep's looking thin
G (320003@1)            AmWe (x02210@1)sit together
Funtil (133211@1)only the piano

of the player remains  (C, F, Am, F)

CTell (x32010@1)me why you won't keep it
CTie (x32010@1)me up in a shoe-string box
               FShe (133211@1)don't keep it if
               Fshe (133211@1)don't need it

C (x32010@1)                      FGet (133211@1)me out of the deep end
 Am (x02210@1)                          Fmy (133211@1)legs are dangling over the roof

G (320003@1)                  AmThe (x02210@1)room gets brighter
Fwhen (133211@1)I can see inside her

when I can turn the switch
G (320003@1)              AmBut (x02210@1)she's so together
FI (133211@1)can do the damage and

she can manage the flames  (C, F, Am, F) x2

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