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    Seven Places

  • Album:

    The White Noise EP

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Song: Sleepers
Band: Seven Places

Capo 1

Intro: Em G C X2

  EmI (022000@1)went back to the park 
          G (320003@1)             CWhere (x32010@1)we used to sit and talk for hours 
      EmWe'd (022000@1)laugh and make our plans 
     G (320003@1)	CWe (x32010@1)swore that we'd be friends forever 
    Em (022000@1)   GBut (320003@1)oh how things change 
CDid (x32010@1)you see this coming, it caught me off guard 
    Em (022000@1)	  G (320003@1)	  CI'd (x32010@1)never though I'd see you forsake your first love 

     G (320003@1)				 EmIt's (022000@1)been such a long, long time since we have talked 
     G (320003@1)					EmIt's (022000@1)been such a long long time since we've seen eye to eye 
GUsed (320003@1)to feel the same 

It's obvious to me 
Em (022000@1)		 GDreamt (320003@1)the same dreams but now you're awake 
    CAnd (x32010@1)I'm still sleeping 

Em (022000@1)	     GWinters (320003@1)in the air and the wind it 
CStings (x32010@1)like ice or 
Em (022000@1)	  GMaybe (320003@1)those are just the tears freezing 
CIn (x32010@1)my eyes I 
Em (022000@1)          G (320003@1)  
Wish I could see you 
CTell (x32010@1)you nothing's changed 
    Em (022000@1)	     GThe (320003@1)God you once loved with all of your heart 
CStayed (x32010@1)the same, stayed the same, stayed the same

CAnd (x32010@1)I'm still sleeping(x4)

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