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Tablature by: NighTWoLF_mJ
Hi sa BATCH 2008 ng Mother Of Mercy Academy

"Jun Brian, Jesson, Eldriel, Kenneth, Rico, Adolfo, Edu, Janlie, Deonel, Micheal Bryan,
Johnny, Rey-An, Jay, Kirstie, SheiLa, Sonnette, Jeany, Flor, AiLeen, Jovelyn, Nikki,
Jodinah, at kay Ma'am AnnaLyn."

Hi na rin sa mga nakalimutan ko heheheh..... PEACE V ^_^

"wala kc ako nakitang tab dito sa WTCC na may lyrics at chords.. kEa hetoh
gumawa nalang po ako.. d po ako sure kung accurate nga ba CHORDS ko dito kc gawa-gawa ko
yung chords... mejo OK naman ata sa pandinig ko yung tono ng chords heheh.. if u have
comments or suggestions based on this TAB then feel free to send me an E-maiL @ 

GLittle (320003@1)child
EmDry (022000@1)your crying eyes
CHow (x32010@1)can I explain
DThe (xx0232@1)fear you feel inside
GCause (320003@1)you were born
EmInto (022000@1)this evil world
CWhere (x32010@1)man is killing man
DAnd (xx0232@1)no one knows just why

CWhat (x32010@1)have we become
GJust (320003@1)look what we have done
CAll (x32010@1)that we've destroyed
EmYou (022000@1)must build again
         G (320003@1)      EmWhen (022000@1)the children cry
        C (x32010@1)     GLet (320003@1)'em know we tried
               Em (022000@1)     CCause (x32010@1)when the children sing
         G (320003@1)       DThen (xx0232@1)the new world begins

(repeat intro)

GLittle (320003@1)child
EmYou (022000@1)must show the way
CTo (x32010@1)a better day
DFor (xx0232@1)all the young
GCause (320003@1)you were born
EmFor (022000@1)the all the world to see
CThat (x32010@1)we all can live
DWith (xx0232@1)love and peace

C (x32010@1)      GNo (320003@1)more presidents
C (x32010@1)                   GAnd (320003@1)all the wars will end
C (x32010@1)              EmOne (022000@1)united world under God


When the children cry
Let 'em know we tried
Cause when the children sing
Then the new world begins

What have we become
Just look what we have done
All that we've destroyed
You must build again

No more presidents
And all the wars will end
One united world under God

When the children cry
Let 'em know we tried
And when the children fight
Let 'em know it ain't right
When the children pray
Let 'em know the way
Cause when the children sing
The new world begins..


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