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Song-On The Streets Tonight
Album-Here's Tom With the Weather
Writer-Mick Head
Tabbed by S. McNally

Forgive me for guessing on a couple lyrics.


Verse 1
Bm                     A
Terrorist son you know he's a real hoodlum
G                        F#m
He's on the run from the local solution
Em                   D
Eating cakes and the lodgers the tea route 
C                 Bm
On the streets tonight

Verse 2
Suicide Pat you know she's a real trooper
She's got a gun and she knows how to use it
Getting rich and buys the room yea
On the streets tonight

Verse 3
Sammy and Patty well they disapprove so
They fell in love and things got confusing
Little daddy's gonna pay for the honeymoon
On the streets tonight

Em         Bm
Oh, how we laughed
    Em                     Bm
The priest and guests they clapped
         A               G
Then the bride grabs the mic

Verse 4
Sticking outta bullet and the cake while they're eating
You know the phonies and you know the cheaters
Sweet dreams honey I'm leaving
On the streets tonight

    C              Bm
I'm on the streets tonight


End on Bm
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