• Song:

    Be Near

  • Artist:

    Shane And Shane

  • Album:

    Carry Away

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INTRO: piano, ac. fingerpicked, and cello: Bm(2) A/B(2) (2x) G (2 fr.) D/F#(2) G6(4)

VERSE 1: (piano carries; solo male vox.. Ac. Strums every chord change)
Bm(4)   G2(4)        Bm(4)          Gmaj7(4) Bm(4)          Gmaj7
You are all, big and small,  beautiful,          and wonderful
                           Bm(4)                     Gmaj7(4)
to trust in grace through faith, but i'm asking to taste...

PRECHORUS: (duet male vox)
Em7                  D/F#                       G2
for dark is light to You, depths are height to You
far is near, but Lord, i need to hear from You

CHORUS: (duet vox throughout; add bass; strings; percussion)
   D         A/C#        Bm       D/A
be near, oh God,     be near, oh God of us
      G        D/F#        A
Your nearness is to us our good, 
   D         A/C#        Bm       D/A
be near, oh God,    be near, oh God of us,
      G        D/F#          A(1st time 4) (2nd time 8)
Your nearness  is to us our  good, our good


VERSE 2: (band in)(duet male vox)
     Bm          G2          Bm                Gmaj7       Bm
Your fullness is mine,    (echo) revelation divine,    (echo)
            Gmaj7                          Bm                   Gmaj7
but, o, to taste, to know much more than a page to feel Your embrace...

PRECHORUS  (subtle kicks)

CHORUS (8 count stop rest at end)
CHORUS (Very quiet; just acoustic and piano to end of 2nd line; band back big on 
“near of 3rd line) (lead 
vocalist discretion leads us back in to closing INTRO FIGURE with “my good”)

INTRO FIGURE (cello line)

If you have any questions or comments feel free to e-mail me at Rimesfan16@aol.com
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