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    She Came Along

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Artist: Sharam ft. Kid CuDi
Song: She Came Along


Intro: G Em x4

Kid Cudi: Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh,

G (320003@1)                     EmStrange, (022000@1)how you stopped loving me (loving me)
        GHow (320003@1)you stopped needing me (needing me)
               C (x32010@1)   DWhen (xx0232@1)she came along (Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh)
G (320003@1)                       EmStrange, (022000@1)you changed like night and day (night and day)
            GJust (320003@1)up and walked away (walked away)
               C (x32010@1)   DWhen (xx0232@1)she came along (Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh)

GHey, (320003@1)uh, uh, oh baby baby I was upset and you know you shady
EmBlame (022000@1)it on me like I'm fugazy I put in work and you got lazy
GNow (320003@1)you sayin it's shame on me, you left with a chick with a set of double D's
EmWhy (022000@1)should we separate like siamese, didn't anybody tell you sex better in threes
GI (320003@1)can be the reason that you both knock kneed If I tell my homie Zulee he wouldn't knock me
EmTry (022000@1)to tell me lies, but you're so sloppy, when you leave with your friends, they all jock me
GI (320003@1)understand if she know how to please you I understand if she lovin' And tease You
EmIn (022000@1)my right mind I should probably leave you, why can't all three of us be peoples


GYo, (320003@1)please, listen, uh, uh, don't dip out baby I can live life fine with two ladies
EmTwo (022000@1)heads are better than the one God gave me and I'm messed up, been stressin' lately
GPlease (320003@1)Tell Me, know you gotta feel how I feel Imagine us lounging together
    EmAnd (022000@1)I feel you, while you feel her, and she feel Me Love triangle
GLove (320003@1)in all angles If you spend more time, I won't trip or spazz out
              Em'Long (022000@1)as when we home we freak out And let your friends know exactly what we 'bout
GMore (320003@1)heavy fam, we living our dreams out sexy, I know you probably think you can be stress-free
    EmWithout (022000@1)K.I.D., but you gon' see if you ever left, never get it better 
            GYou'll (320003@1)miss me
              EmOhh (022000@1)Baby, ohh baby, just talk to me, just tell me let's work it out
    GHey (320003@1)baby, I need you baby (both of yall)
EmBaby, (022000@1)I need you baby (both of yall)
           GI (320003@1)Need You Baby.
                EmOh, (022000@1)Oh, Oh, Oh, Na Na Oh, Na Na Oh
G (320003@1)             EmOh, (022000@1)Oh, Oh, Oh, Na Na Oh, Na Na Oh, Na, Oh

GTake (320003@1)my hand, baby girl let's roll
      EmI (022000@1)can make you feel okay
     G (320003@1)                              EmJust (022000@1)take my hand, both of you, I can make you feel okay
 GOkay (320003@1)

Chorus x2

G (320003@1)             EmOh, (022000@1)Oh, Oh, Oh, Na Na Oh, Na Na Oh
G (320003@1)             Em (022000@1)                    GOh, (320003@1)Oh, Oh, Oh, Na Na Oh, Na Na Oh, Na, Oh

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