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    Tramp On Your Street

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    Tramp on Your Street

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Date: 11/21/96; 10:36:15 PM
From: LEAFGREEN_P@alph.swosu.edu
Subject: shaver

                 Tramp On Your Street
                                    written by: Billy Joe Shaver
                         Performed by: Shaver on "Tramp On Your Street"

                A1.A (x02220@1)long time ago
                   D (xx0232@1) No shoes on my feet
                                E (022100@1) I walked ten miles of train track
                         A (x02220@1) To hear Hank Williams sing  (follow the same progression throughout)

  His body was worn
  But his spirit was free
  And he sang every song
  Looking right straight at me

C1.Just a tramp on your street
  You must understand
  You got my soul at your feet
  And my heart in your hand

2.No I don't have to pick
  And I don't have to choose
  I don't have to win
  And I don't have to lose

  And if I make any pay
  I just throw it away
  I don't count on tomorrow
  I just live for today

C2.Still you opened yourself
  And you held me inside
  You made a stray dog like me
  Feel welcome tonight
                               ADEA (x02220@1)  I'm just a tramp on your street


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