"Never Saw Blue Like That"-- Shawn Colvin
Written by Tom Kimmel, Jeff Franzel, and Mark Luna

This song can be found on the "Runaway Bride" Soundtrack.

This song is played chiefly on the piano, however, my guitar teacher and I 
have figured out the guitar chords.  The technique used on this song is just 
a basic forward roll.  I recommend on getting a copy of the song, just to 
know how the entire song is played.

*When you play the C#m all throughout the song, play TWO forward rolls, but 
only on the bottom four strings.

*F# is ONE forward roll on the bottom four strings.

*[E  B7] means that both chords are in the same measure.

This is one of the prettiest songs I've heaard...

Intro:  E    A9   E   B7

E/D#            E/C#         E/B
Today we took a walk up the street
            A                                       B7
We picked a flower and climbed the hill above the lake
E     E/D#      E/C#
Secret thoughts were said aloud
E/B                           A
We watched the faces in the clouds
A                          B7
Until the clouds had blown away
C#m          B7
Were we ever somewhere else?
        A                   B7
You know, it's hard to say

E            A              E
I never saw blue like that before
            B7               E
Across the sky, around the world
                  A                E
You're giving me all you have and more
F#m            F#m/E           B7
No one else has ever shown me how
E                    E/D#         F#
To see the world the way I see it now
A                    B7            E       B7
Oh I... I never saw blue like that... (before)

E             E/D#       E/C#
I can't believe a month ago
        E/B               A
I was alone, I didn't know you
              A                  B7
I hadn't seen you, or heard your name
          E   E/D#       E/C#
And even now, I'm so amazed
              E/B                  A
It's like a dream, it's like a rainbow
It's like the rain
C#m                       B7
And some things are the way they are
A                    B7
And words just can't explain

       Am         E          A     E
And it feels like now and it feels always
A                        [E   B7]
And it feels like coming home

   A                 B7            E
Oh I... I never saw blue like that
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