• Song:

    She Could Be You

  • Artist:

    Shawn Hlookoff

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OKAY!  So, its kinda off.  I took the chords that kyle repeated on the show and
then capo'd it so its easier to play.

So un capo'd its:

Eb Gm  Bbmaj7 F 

over and over again basically.

Capo 1:

intro; 1st time piano, then guitar

A | B | Am | E

verse 1
     A               B        Am           E
I am haunted by this photograph,don't know why,  
    A            B          Am              E  
but every time i look i get shivers down my spine,
A             B               Am           E
you're such a beautiful face, i know those eyes, 
A            B       Am   E      
they take me back in time.

                A      B    
she could be you, 
  Am            E                     A       B    
i wouldn't even know, she could be you, 
    Am             E                    A|B|Am|E
but that was long ago, she could be you.

verse 2
  A                      B    Am               E
i wish that i could tell you, what you dont know,
  A                B    Am                 E      A  
i dream about that day, but it's impossible, 
     B     Am              E                A
in another world, I'll be yours tonight, 
      B           Am             E   
but i can't break free from this life.

(chorus again)

            Em7      Am            E
She could be you, i see it all the time.
            Em7      Am            E
i know it's true, a picture doesn't lie.

(Chorus again)
                A    B   Am   E
she could be you,
                A    B   Am   E
she could be you,
                End on A
She could be you.

NOTE:  THE "B" is played different.  Here are all the chords

    E   A   D   G   B   E

A   0   0   2   2   2   0

B   2   4   4   2   2   2 

Am  0   0   2   2   0   0

E   0   2   2   1   0   0

Em7 0   2   2   0   3   0 

<3 mae

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