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Capo 3

Em (x2) - G (x2)

[Verser 1]
Em (x2) - G (x2)
Baby life was good to me
But you just made it better
I love the way you stand by me
Throught any kind of weather

Em - C - G - D
I dont wanna run away
Just wanna make your day
When you fell the world is on your shoulders
Dont wanna make it worse
Just wanna make us work
Baby tell me i will do whatever

G - Em - C - D
It feels like nobody ever knew me until you knew me
Feels like nobody ever loved me until you loved me
Feels like nobody ever touched me until you touched me
Baby, nobody, nobody, until you

[Verser 2]
Em (x2) - G (x2)
Baby it just took one hit of you now I'm addicted
You never know what's missing
Till you get everything you need, yeah

C - D - G - Em
See it was enough to know
If I ever let you go
I would be no one
Cause I never thought I'd feel
All the things you made me feel
Wasn't looking for someone
Hah oh, until you
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