• Song:

    Tommorrow Never Dies

  • Artist:

    Sheryl Crow

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Darling I'm killed
I'm in a puddle
Waiting for you to return
Oh what a trill,
Fascinations galore
How You tease, how you leave me to burn

It's so deadly my dear
The power of wanting you near
Until that day,
Until the world falls away
Until you say there'll be no more good-bye's
I see it in your eyes,
Tomorrow never dies

Darlin' you've won
It's no fun
Martinis, girls, and guns
It's matter on our love affair
But you bet your life every night
While your chasing them on the knife
Your not the only spy out there

Until That Day
Until The World Falls Away
Until You Say There'll Be No More Good-bye's
I See It In Your Eyes...

Until That Day
Until That Day
Until That Day
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