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    What A Shame

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Em                                  G
Two packs of cigarettes a day The strongest whiskey Kentucky can make
               A                     C
That's the recipe  to put a vagabond on his hands and knees
I watched it all up close   I knew it more than most
I saw a side of him I could never show
             A                     C
for the sympathy   for a world that wouldn't let him be
            Em                    G
That's the man he was   Have you heard enough?
            Em                            G
What a shame What a shame to judge a life that you can't change
              A                                        C
The choir sings the chuch bells ring  so won't you give this man his wings
             Em                           G                                       A
what a shame to have to beg you to see we're not all the same
What a shame

There's a hard life for every silver spoon there's a touch of grey for every shade of blue
That's the way that I see life if there was nothing wrong then there'd be nothing right
and for this working man they said could barely stand there's got to be a better place to land
some kind of remedy for a world that wouldn't let him be
that's the man he was have you heard enough
God forgive the hands that laid you down
They never knew how, but your broken
Heart can break the sound
And change the season
Now the leaves are falling faster,
Happily ever after
You gave me hope through your endeavors
And now you will live forever
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