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"Solid Country Gold" by Shooter Jennings

       D                           G
I been sinkin like a rock in this high society
       A                               G                  D 
Cause all that means so much to them, dont mean shit to me
If I were into money, fame and power, I'd be sold
     A                                          G             D
But I know I tried, and I just cant find that solid country gold

    D                             G
Now I was born in Nashville but I left there long ago
       A                        G           D
Cause they built Music City by sacrificing soul
L.A. aint much different, ?cept they got them fancy clothes
            A                                  G             D
And there?s nary a sight or a leaving light of solid country gold

D                                  G
They say country music aint quite all it used to be
    D                              A
But they cant see the country for all the goddamned trees
       D                          G
If you give to me a guitar and my woman on the road
     D                         A             D
I?ll give to you my family, my solid country gold

    D                                 G
Now baby, I been thinkin ?bout where you and I should go
A                            G                 D
You sell your apartment, and I?ll shake off my load
We?ll take it down to Texas where we?ll kiss that Yellow Rose
    A                             G             D
And find ourselves some lovin? in solid country gold

Repeat chorus twice

          D              A          G             D
Yes, I?ll give to you my family, my solid country gold
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