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    Shoshana Bean

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This is one special and incredibly beautiful song, by the all so very talented Shoshana Bean.
I'm not 100% sure about the chords at the beginning, but the ending is supposed to be better.

             Db          Ab          Db
You wouldn't believe how things have changed,
       F#   Db            Ab
Hardly anything looks the same.
   Db                             F#
It used to be a quiet street, now people pass on hurried feet.
Db                       Ab  
You wouldn't believe how things have changed on 116th.

           Db          Ab      Db
It was the place where love began,
              F#       Db      Ab
Where you and I walked hand in hand.
     Db                           F#
On a summer night in late July, I sang to you a lullaby.
               Db                          Ab  Db
Not everything ends the way you planned on 116th.

Bm               D
All we had was a little apartment,
Bm                D 
A mattress on the floor where we slept.
G                  D
We lived small but we dreamed big, 
G                    A
And love was growing where we lay,
And now?

                  D    A        Bm
Back then I could only think of now, Yeah,
               Em       D      A
But now I look back and wonder how.
          Am            D
How could I have wished away the time,
     G                   Gm
When life was simple and you were mine.
    D               A                 G           A
I'd give all that I have to have just one more day, 
        Am               D
In your arms to feel you hold me tight, 
G                  A          D
To sleep upon your chest that night,
  G        A              Am          B
I wanna go back, I'd give anything to go back.
  G            A           
I wanna go back to 116th.

? D
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