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(Pluck the whole part)

Verse 1:
E         Abm        E7
There are times when i just
        A9(pluck down)
want to look at your face
F#m                B-Bsus4
With the stars in the night

E         Abm        E7
There are times when i just
         A9(pluck down)
want to feel your embrace
F#m                B-Bsus4
In the cold of the night

Abm         C#m
I just cant believe that
        A (then pause a while)
you are mine now

E               Abm
You were just a dream
A           B
that i once knew
E                 Abm
I never thought i would be
A          B
right for you
E                 Abm
I just cant compare you with
A                 A9 (pluck down)
anything in this world
Abm         C#m
Youre all i need
   F#m                 B
to be here with forevermore..

(Repeat intro)

Verse 2:
E         Abm
All those years ive been
E7                        A9(pluck down)
longing to hold you in my arms
F#m                  B-Bsus4
Ive been dreaming of you
E         Abm             E7
Every night ive been watching all
    A9(pluck down)
the stars that fall down
F#m                   B-Bsus4
Wishing you would be mine

(Repeat refrain and chorus)

G         D
Time & again
Em                                     D
There are these changes that we cannot end
G                      D          Em
As sure as time keeps goin on & on
C                               D
My love for you will be forevermore


E Abm E7 A9
F#m B-Bsus4
E Abm E7 A9
F#m B-Bsus4

(Repeat Refrain and Chorus:)
Abm        C#m   F#m-B
As endless as forever
Abm          C#m   F#m-B
Our love will stay together
Abm            C#m
You're all i need
F#m                 B
To be here with FOREVERMORE


By: Canale Rochelle Y.
To: Maria Theresa Alcantara

Hi hello po this is my first tab in this site i hope you like it!
madali lng po ang mga chords nito. Para nga pla ito sa ng iisa kong girlfrend na si 
Theresa Alcantara themesong namen..
F.S. ko: blue_bubble_ice007@yahoo.com
Email ko: rochellecanale@gmail.com
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