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E              Eaug                  E6
Yes, it's you, you're the one  in my life I've known
From the start that it's you
     Am7          Abm7
I'd spend forever with
    C#m7  F#m7         C#m7-Dm7-D7sus4
So please hold on with me.

     G      Gaug                      G6
You know so well that we can't last a    day
Without each other
       Cm7                Bm7         Em7
You're all I have and I'm all that's there
    Am      Am/G-F-Esus4-B7sus4
To keep you go-----in'.

 E                         Eaug
Hold on, just keep holdin' on
It may not be for long
     Abm7    C#m7    Dm7      Dm7/Db-B7sus4
Just keep on holdin' on  with me.
(Repeat except last word)
   D7/C hold

       E          Eaug
Funny how we both try  to show
     E6        E7
That we don't really care
    Am7             Abm7       C#m7
But deep inside the thing that matters
      F#m7     C#m7       Dm7-D7sus4
Is to have you      by my side.

          G        Gaug
Let the tears roll down, that's okay
   G6                     G7
Because tomorrow no one's goin' away
     Cm7             Bm7     Em7
Just let this be and hold on with me
 Am          Am/G-F-Esus4
Hold on with me.

Repeat Chorus
Ad lib: Am7-Abm7, C#m7, Dm7, Dm7/C#, B7sus4-

Repeat Chorus
Coda: B/A-Abm7-C#m7-D9sus hold
      Am/F hold Eadd9
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