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In the start of the song you can hear a bell like 
sound. Try to recreate this with harmonics on the 
12th fret of the high e-string. 
(Kjartan uses a sort of device to make this sound)

Throughout the whole song the same chords go over 
and over, except in the climax.

Play these chords for the basic progression:

  E5  B5  C#5  A5
At first he plays some harmonics over the 7th fret, 

and all over the guitar (with his bow). 

Just improvise like he does. The intro will 

then be like this:

(on the low e-string, as usual)

 | E- | -14- | -15- | -14- | -12- |  two times

except the second time, it ends on a B note  | -19- | 

The timing is easy to catch, listening to the record.

E5           B5     C#5   A5      
?g er kominn aftur (? n?) inn ? ?ig 
     E5               B5    C#5           A5   
(?a? er) svo gott a? vera (h?r til) en stoppa stutt vi?
E5          B5       C#5      A5        
?g fl?t um ? ne?ansj?var h??i (? h?teli)  
E5         B5        C#5       A5 
beintengdur vi? rafmagnst?fluna (og n?rist)

  E5  B5  C#5  A5 
tju         tju            (two times)

E5       B5       C#5        A5
en bi?in gerir (mig lei?an) brot h?ttan 
E5     B5         C#5         A5
sparka fr? m?r (og kall ?) ver? a? fara hj?lp

 E5  B5  C#5  A5
tju tju    tju   tju    (8 times)   
B5              A5         E5
?g spring ?t og fri?urinn ? loft upp
E5  B5  C#5  A5
(ba?a?ur    n?ju  ljosi
E5            B5  C#5 A5
?g gr?t og ?g gr?t   aftengdur)
E5      B5 C#5  A5
?n?ttur heili settur ? brj?st
E5     B5 C#5     A5
og mata?ur af svefn-g-englum

 E5  B5  C#5  A5
tju tju    tju   tju          (play it forever)

The chords:
   E B7sus4 C#m7 Asus2 Bm   A
e | -0---0-----0-----0----2---0- | 
B | -0---0-----0-----0----3---2- | 
G | -4---9-----4-----2----4---2- | 
D | -6---7-----2-----2----4---2- | 
A | -7---9-----4-----0----2---0- | 
E | -0---?-----?-----?----?---?- |
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