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Sikth - Skies of Millennium Night (tapping part)

Tabbed by: Charlie Sabine
E-mail: charlie_sabine@hotmail.com

Standard Tuning - EADG

Kudos to James Leach naturally for writing this song, awesome bassist + does a fair few
riffs. The following tab is for the end of the song from 3:47 onwards. I know Sikth
play in standard tuning - if you want to play in their tuning then merely move the notes 
Also, some of the tapped notes are slid, so just change it when you play it.

Note - a 't' above a note means it's tapped with the right hand, while the rest of the
are played with the left hand.

      t  t                     t

        t        t  t

        t        t        t  t

                     t        t

Takes a few tries to get it up to speed, but overall it's a pretty fun riff to play. Oh
buy their new album - Death Of A Dead Day ;)
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