• Song:

    Closing Titles

  • Artist:

    Silence Is Sexy

  • Album:

    Modern Antiques Vol. 2

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Artist: Silence is Sexy 
Song: Closing Titles
Album: This ain’t Hollywood
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Capo V
F       C       Dm
G       F       C
I was thinking about the end of the story that I’m in
Let’s walk to the horizon and just leave them wondering
The closing title should begin with “it was not enough”
I guess back then you knew I wasn’t ready for your love

Am Amaj7/Ab Am7/G D7/F#
G G/f# Em
Am Am7/G D7/F#
I believe that time will teach me
 when we’ll meet again and climb our ladder to the moon
This is almost home

I thank you the rain that showed me there are times of doubt
It made me wondering about the sun and gave meaning to the clouds
I’m happy to be here now, and where I’ll be someday
With your heart close to mine we’ll keep the dark moods far away


F       C       Dm
G       F       C

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