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Silkstone - Easy

h = hammer on

Intro riff:
e ----3----3---3--3--3--3—-| repeat 4 times
B ----0----0-h-1--1--1--1--|
G ----0----0---0--0--0--0--|
D ----0----0---0--0--0--0--|
A ----2----2---2--2--2--2--|
E -3--3----3---3--3--3--3--|

D          C         G (intro riff)
Life is so easy with love on your side
       D         C     G (intro riff)
We can sail that ocean wide
               G (intro riff)
When we're together

D              C           G
Life's so much better when you're on my side
     D          C        G (intro riff)
It's magic when souls collide
				G (intro riff)
So let's stay together
		   G (intro riff)
Keep it together
		     G (intro riff)
Let's stay together

D = xx0232
C = x32010
G = 320003
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