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                       The Fisherman's Song              (Arr. Silly Wizard)

This song follows a rather straight forward fingerpicking convention. And
as it is a ballad, it tends to sound a little better off skin, than plastic
Anyhow..real easy, good practice for budding pickers, bass note with thumb,
followed by the next three notes on index, middle, and ring respectively.
(Well, you may not play like that, but its how I learned, do whatever works
best). The whole song follows through using very straight forward chords.
This is a demo TAB of the first line or so,

   T i m r m i T i m r etc....
   Am- - - - - C - - - - - C (still) - Dm- - - - - Dm- - - - - Am- etc..
...storm torn  Shoreline a woman is -- Standing  -----------------------------|  the  Spray

Anyhow, here are the lyrics to this song.

INTRO Enough Am pluckings to sound okay..song is in 4/4, so play three, and
have a little tacet to set things off.

(tacet) Am        C                      Dm
By the storm torn shoreline, a woman is standing
     Am               C             Am
The spray strung like jewels in the air
        Am           C                          Dm
And the sea near the rocks, near that desolate landing
   Am            C                Dm      Am
As though it had known, she stood there

CHORUS (Exact progression as above)
For she had come down, to condemn that wild ocean
For the murderous loss of her man
His boat sailed out, on Wednsday mornin'
And its feared she's gone down, with all hands.

More Verses:
Oh, and white were the wavecaps, and wild was their parting
So fierce is(as) the warring of love
But she prayed to the Gods, both of men and of sailors
Not to cast their cruel nets o'er her love

SOLO (Sorry, can't remember how it goes -- exactly)
         Dm              Am        C               Am

This is played up to four times, but usually only twice. There are some
slight variations that can be played on this, but this is only important to
note on the four time solo. (This is sorta something I made up, and may
not be what is on the albulm, as there it is an accompniment of some flutes,
etc. It does a good job of staying with the flow though) The exit to the solo
is as follows from the last Am

Something is lost in the timing here, and I don't know how to transpose it
correctly, listen to the CD, it is fairly close.

There's a school on the hill, where the son's of dead fathers
Are led towards tempests and gails
Where their God given wings, are clipped close to their bodies
And their eyes are bound round, with ship's sails.


What force leads a man, to a life filled with danger
Aye, when seas are a mile, and are grand <>
Its when need is his master, and poverty's no stranger
And there's no other work to be found.


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