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O loathsome crawling thing

   G                          Am
Be done with your miniscule affairs

O hungry creeping speck

    G                            Am   C  E 
I release you from your cares Be gone 


            Am                F
You live on carrion That's outrageous

     Am            D
You're probably contagious

Am                 Dm
Blind crippled and half-squashed

    E                 E7
and yet you carry on

     Am             F
Your persistence is disgusting

       Am                 D
I could never find myself trusting

  Am                  Dm                 E                 E7
A creature that would rather live in the trash than in the lawn

F              E                D      A
Cockroach your problems are not mine

                     Dm                   A
I love life but with you I draw the line

Not to flaunt my superior design

    F               E7            Am
But next to you I'm practically divine

your problems are not mine

E              E        E7      Am
Cockroach your problems are not mine
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