• Song:

    Im So Stoned

  • Artist:

    Slightly Stoopid

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Props to pktplayer for the intro

e-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 
B-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 
G--7---(b9)7-6--7-6-4--0--44-6---7--(b9)7-6--7-(b9)11--12-11-(b9)-11-(b9)7--(b9)7-6-7-6-4--0--44-6- | 
D-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 
A-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 
E--7---8-7-5--7-5-3--3--33-5---7--8-7-5--7-8-10--12-10-8--10-8-7--8-7-5-7-5-3--3--33-5- | 

e---7--7--7--2--7--7--7--2----------------- | 
B---7--7--7--2--7--7--7--2----------------- | 
G---7--7--7--3--7--7--7--3----------------- | 
D---(b9)-(b9)-(b9)-4--(b9)-(b9)-(b9)-4----------------- | 
A---(b9)-(b9)-(b9)-4--(b9)-(b9)-(b9)-2----------------- | 
E---7--7--7--2--7--7--7--2----------------- | 

e---5--5--5--2--5--5--5--2----------------- | 
B---5--5--5--2--5--5--5--2----------------- | 
G---6--6--6--3--6--6--6--3----------------- | 
D---7--7--7--4--7--7--7--4----------------- | 
A---7--7--7--4--7--7--7--2----------------- | 
E---5--5--5--2--5--5--5--2----------------- | 

Repeat that whole section twice, then come the lyrics

I'm so stoned
And i'm free
So free
Said if you roll another spliff sir
          C#            C    Bm
Won't cha pass it right over to me
I'm so stoned
And I'm free
So so free
But if you tell it
In a letter girl
    C#                 C       Bm
You know that you aint no good for me

Basically when it gets to the D, C#, C, part its...
D:  4 times
C#: 2 times
C:  2 times
I prefer to use the barre chords at the 10th fret for the D

I would tab the solo, but I have about 90% of it down
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