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    Slightly Stoopid

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    Live & Direct +

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                             Prophet - Slightly Stoopid
Tabbed by: Billy Kroener
Email: wkroener@email.arizona.edu
Album: Live & Direct: Acoustic Roots
Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

*** I have seen the other version and think this sounds 100% better when you just
have one guitar and yourself, enjoy! ladies love this one, lol***

Verse 1:

G               F
But I aint no prophet 
  C                  G
To cure some damn disease 
G                       F
And would you help me anyway 
  C             G
If i was on my knees 
G                     F
I'm going through my time of change 
  C            G
In my time of need 
G             F
And every little thing is gonna 
  C         G
Be all the same  (who ah)

*(Strum Faster)*
G                        F
And then i thought to my self 
     C                 G
I'm gonna marry into wealth 
G                               F                 C             G
I'm gonna take everything she's got to offer and keep it for myself 
 (continue with G)
Ohhh oh oh 
F           C
She said to me 
     F               C
I don't like what i see 
    F        C
And i say to her 
 G (let ring)
I don't even know you there
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