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    Slightly Stoopid

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    Live & Direct +

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Tabbed by: Billy Kroener

Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

*** I have seen the other version and think this sounds 100% better when you just
have one guitar and yourself, enjoy! ladies love this one, lol***

Verse 1:

G5               F5
But I aint no prophet 
  C5                  G5
To cure some damn disease 
G5                       F5
And would you help me anyway 
  C5             G5
If i was on my knees 
G5                     F5
I'm going through my time of change 
  C5            G5
In my time of need 
G5             F5
And every little thing is gonna 
  C5         G5
Be all the same  (who ah)

*(Strum Faster)*
G5                        F5
And then i thought to my self 
     C5                 G5
I'm gonna marry into wealth 
G5                               F5                 C5             G5
I'm gonna take everything she's got to offer and keep it for myself 
 (continue with G5 )
Ohhh oh oh 
F5           C5
She said to me 
     F5               C5
I don't like what i see 
    F5        C5
And i say to her 
 G (let ring)
I don't even know you there
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