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 N/C/     G   D        G 
G'day g'day how ya going 
             C  Cm             G 
What do ya know will strike a light 
 G         D            G  Em   
G'day g'day and how ya going 
           G           D                   G   D G 
Just say g'day g'day g'day and you'll be right 
 N/C/        G  D           G    
Isn't it great to be an aussie 
           C  Cm          G 
Taking a walk along the street 
 G              D             G   Em 
Looking in shops or buying a paper 
 A                                      D 
Stopping and having a yarn with people that you meet 
 N/C/          G D         G 
Down at the pub or at a party 
 G                C  Cm            G 
Whenever you're stuck for what to say 
 C                    G      C                 G 
If ya wanna be dinky di why don't ya give it a try 
 A                                 D 
Look 'em right in the eye and say g'day 
 Em                B7               Em 
Now when italians meet they all go crazy 
 Em                     B7             Em 
The blokes all like to hug each other too 
 C                 A              G    E 
The yanks invented hi and see ya later 
 A                                                D   G  D 
While the pommie will shake your hand and say how do you do 
 Em                    B7               Em 
Now watch out for a frenchman or he'll kiss ya 
 C                 A         G 
The spaniards go forola and ole 
 C                        G 
But in the land of the cockatoo 
 C                 G 
Cork hats and a didgeridoo 
 A                            D                    D7 
When you meet an aussie 10 to 1 here's what he'll say 
 C                                       G      C G 
It's a greeting that you'll hear across Australia 
 C                              G  C G 
From Geraldton to Gove and Gundaghi 
 C                      A             G    Em 
It's as dinkum as the dingo and the dahlia 
 A                                D        D7 
And you spell it with a G apostrophe a Day

Chorus x 2
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