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D  A  D
   G  D
   A  D
   Bm A  D

      D            A            D
I was talking to a swaggy yesterday
    G                                  D
His beard was long his hair was silver grey
    A                             D                
His dress was out of style but he wore a friendly smile
    Bm               A              D
And here is what the old man had to say

         D             A          D
?You may think me most unusual my boy
       G                                 D
When I tell you straight that I am stony broke
  A                                D
I tramp from year to year and I?ll drink all kinds of beer
      Bm                A             D
But I like to have good 'baccy when I smoke"

         D                  A            D
Now I?ll show you this here old terbacco tin
    G                                  D
The paint is gone the sides are dinted in
         A                           D      
But it?s opened many a bottle in its wild and chequered life
       Bm        A             D
And to me it has always been a friend

[Yodel] D  A  D
        G  D
        A  D
        Bm A  D

  D              A             D 
I one time had a wife and everything
      A                               D
But a stranger came and soon we were apart
     A                              D
So I left my friends and home and I hit the road to roam
    Bm           A             D
But nicotine has mended my old heart

     D              A           D
I?ve got no use for money in my life
    G                                    D
You strive and struggle till it gets you down
  A                               D
I tramp until I lag and then I?ll drop my swag
         Bm                A                  D
And I?ll sit and smoke and watch the world go 'round

     D         A                D 
When finally I reach the golden gates
     G                          D
They say St Peter he?s a decent bloke
       A                                D
If I?m taken with the blessed this will be my last request
  Bm             A               D
I must have good terbaccy when I smoke

          D               A            D 
Yes I was talking to that swaggy yesterday
    G                             D
And what he told me I?ll remember clear
A                                               D
Trampin? out there with the breeze happy as the birds and bees
      Bm             A              D 
And I reckon that he has the right idea.

[Yodel] D  A  D
        G  D
        A  D 
        Bm A  D
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