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Just a bit of slim


C       G               C             D
  They had my future wrapped up in a parcel
     C           D                 G
and no one even thought of asking me.
                      C                D  
The day I turned fifteen I caght the mailtrain
     C                   D              G
To find what else might be in life for me.
   Em                                 B7 
I rode on trucks and trains and lived on nothing;
 Em                                 A7
Served me right for wanting to be free- 
          G               C            D
Ah well that's the way society looked at it, 
        C               D             G
But it didn't seem to be that way to me.

            G             D              G       
And the biggest disappointment in the family was me;
                    C              D7
the only twisted branch upon our good old fam'y tree
          G              B7             Em              
I just couldn't be the person they ecpected me to be
              G              C              D       G 
A7 And the biggest disappiontment in the world was me

A lot more dinner times than there dinners

I learned a lot that hurt me at the time

Then this quiet country boy came home a different man 

with a memory of distance on my mind

But i always spoke to loud and drank to often, 

Maybe drank to many glasses down

And perhaps my clothes were older that I realized

A relief to all concerned when I left town


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