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E5                                  A5          E5 
From Townsville to Greenvale we're building a line 
                                      A5            E5 
Through the ranges and gorges to the great nickel mine 
The long days are dusty and hotter than hell 
            B5                               E5 
And that's why we all worship Three Rivers Hotel 

 E5                                A5            E5 
It's Theiss Brothers camp on the banks of the Star 
                                A5             E5 
Where men from all nations and walks of life are 
And it's funny to listen to the stories they tell 
       B5                                   E5 
Every night round the bar in Three Rivers Hotel 

 E5                              A5                 E5 
We curse at the things that go wrong through the day 
                             A5       E5 
And vow that we'll snatch it go far away 
But when day is done and we're soon feeling well 
      B5                                   E5 
And laughter rings out from Three Rivers Hotel 

 E5                             A5           E5 
There's Wesley the barman and young irish Joe 
                         A5            E5 
Serving the booze and collecting the dough 
What a stir they would cause if they ever should tell 
          B5                                      E5 
All the secrets they've learned in Three Rivers Hotel 

 E5                                  A5         E5 
On the night after pay day there's fun and romance 
                                  A5           E5 
It's a night for the families to sing and to dance 
You can let down your hair and come out of your shell 
    B5                                  E5 
And do your own thing in Three Rivers Hotel 

 E5                                        A5               E5 
And if you listen to the bosses when the night's getting late 
                                    A5           E5 
On the progress they're making the best in the state 
They'd be finished this line and this maintenance as well 
          B5                                       E5 
If they worked like they bragged in Three Rivers Hotel 

 E5                                        A5        E5 
And if you think you can drink we've got money to back 
                          A5          E5 
On stayers like Cass and old grader Jack 
And they tell me old Coster gives everyone hell 
          B5                                 E5 
When he gets on the booze in Three Rivers Hotel (Yeah he's a whopper) 

 E5                               A5          E5 
When this job is finished we'll pack up and go 
                                A5          E5 
To another construction still chasing big dough 
But where ever I wander my memory will dwell 
           B5                         E5 
On those happy days in Three Rivers Hotel 

Repeat 1st verse twice- After 1st time yell (yeah come on Coster)
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