• Song:

    Rose Marie

  • Artist:

    Slim Whitman

  • Album:

    His Greatest Hits

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A5     B5               E5     A5      E5        
You rule me my Rose Marie. 
      F#5        A5       
Oh Rose   Marie I love you. 
      E5                       A5   
I'm always dreaming of you. 
No matter what I do I can't forget you. 
          B5                                        E5  
Sometimes I wish that I had never met you. 
        F#5              A5 
And yet if I should lose you. 
             C#5                            D5 
It would mean my very life to me. 
Of all the queens that ever lived. 
     A5           Ab5  G5  F#5   B5        E5              A5 
I'd choose you,          to rule me, my Rose Marie 
Ab5  G5   F#5    B5               E5         A5       D5     A5     
                To rule me my Rose Marie.
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