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    Everything You Thought ...

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(Verse 1)

E5                       C5
Ten minutes to meltdown, I'm having a drink
G5                           D5
And I don't think you care, no I don't even think
E5                              C5
About you or the hands that you say you don't love
G5                                   D5
As you hold them so tight while the sky up above
      E5                        C5
Opens up and rains down with an unholy bore
        G5                             D5
There's holes in the ceiling, there's holes in the floor
        E5                          C5
There's holes in these walls all so covered with grime
    G5                         D5                  E5
Hey Baby, it's the end of the world, have a good time

     C5 G5 D5

  E5 C5 G5 D5
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