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Tabbed by: zoehannah3            

Tuning: standard
G5 A5 A5 G5
G5                 A5
Baby brother in the next room , 
A5                       G5
Trying to bring him back to life
G5                          A5
But the diamonds of the morning
A5                        G5
Are bribing open both of my eyes
G5                  A5
Gone before you had to worry
A5                        G5
Gone before you ever had to try
G5               A5
Now you?re half a memory
A5                      G5
Another trick played by my mind

G5            E5
But you had to go
But if you?d stayed
I?d have come around to hold your hand
Till the marching band had played
            C5                  G5    A5
And now I?ll never, I?ll never look back
A5                  G5      
No, I?ll never look back

(same chords as before)
Baby brother in the picture frame
We had all the time we were alone
Now we mourn the morning
If we knew your name we?d shout it out loud

G5      A5                  G5      A5      B5
Ohhhhhhh No I?ll never look back

C5                                G5    A5 B5
And if you want him then come and get him
C5                                D5   G5
And if you want him then come and get him
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