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Simple song - probably easier to figure out the picking pattern yourself than to 
read a tab of this, so I'll just give you the chords. Enjoy!

Capo: II

Chords Used:
    C  B7* E7  Am Fmaj7 G  Em7  Dm   

Intro: C

C      B7*  E7        Am                 Fmaj7
I agree      you were right to say we're doomed
C                 B7*         E7          Am              Fmaj7
Cuz there isn't a chance that I'll get to be in your arms soon 
Cuz I'm back on the road now 
             C            Em7   Am
And there is nothing that we can do
          Fmaj7                       C
I have to find a way to make the days pass soon 

C               B7* E7       Am                 Fmaj7
We spend our time    looking for which one fits best 
C                       B7*
And in the morning I am waking
        E7                Am                   Fmaj7
And I'm wondering how its me who ended up like this 
Cuz I'm the one who said it would be easy
            C         Em7     Am
Now I'm the one whose feeling worse 
      Fmaj7                        C
Cuz I agreed that I would never be put first 

C     Am        Dm               G
And I know your heart is beating slow 
           C         Am
And out of time with mine
   Dm       G       C
So now I'll say goodbye

Enjoy! Please Message me with any corrections and rate if you like it (or dislike 
it for that matter!) :)
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