• Song:

    All Or Nothing

  • Artist:

    Small Faces

  • Album:

    It's All Or Nothing

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All Or Nothing:Small Faces.
#1 in 1966.

               (Capo 2nd fret.)

G5                            C5
I thought you'd listen to my reasons,
G5                        C5           C5 F5 G5
but now I see, you don't hear a thing.
                      F5   G5
Trying to make you see....how it's got to be..
         C5                          A5
Yes it's all, all or nothing, yeah, yeah, all or nothing,
            F5                   C5
my, my, my, all or nothing, for me.

G5                                 C5
Things could work out just like I want them to, yeah..
G5                         C5                C5 G5 F5
if I could have the other half of you, yeah.
                     F5     G5
You know I would, oh yeah! if I only could.
          C5                        A5
Yes, it's still all or nothing, oh yeah, all or nothing,
F5                  C5
all or nothing for me.

G5                           C5        G5                           
Ba ba ba badaba, ba, ba, ba badala...Ba ba ba badaba, 
           C5     C5 G5 F5
ba, ba, ba badala.
                          F5   G5
I didn't tell you no lies.....so don't just sit there and cry, girl.
C5                        A5
Yeah, all or nothing, oh yeah, all or nothing, my, my, my..
   A5           F5            C5
Oh yeah, all or nothing..for me.
You got to, got to, go to keep on trying, yeah!
C5                  A5    F5                                    C5
All or nothing, mm yeah! all or nothing, got to keep on tryin'...(Fade.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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