• Song:

    Green Circles

  • Artist:

    Small Faces

  • Album:

    The Essential Collectio...

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Intro: Eb5  /E5  F5  /F#5  G5  G5  F#5  F5

    Bb5       /A5     G5       F5  
And with the rain a stranger came,
    Eb5               /E5   F5 
His eyes were filled with love and pain,
   Bb5      /A5        G5       F5
He eat and slept and darkness fell,
    Eb5               /E5       F5
And in his sleep his mind did tell of,
Eb5    Bb5      Eb5    Bb5
Green Circles, Green Circles.   

He dreamt of circles in the air,
And in his heart and everywhere,
He wanted all the world to be,
As free as he so they could see those,
Green Circles, Green Circles.   

His face was worn,
The lines they told,
The dust and patience of his load,
As with the dawn he went his way,
and with him went his love and pain,
And Green Circles, Green Circles.  

Bb5    Eb5       Bb5    Eb5       Bb5    Eb5
Green Circles, Green Circles, Green Circles (repeat)

Eb5    Bb5                   Eb5              Bb5
Green Circles, (circles of) Green Circles, (circles of) (repeat and fade)

by: Jos? Duarte
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