• Song:

    Itchycoo Park

  • Artist:

    Small Faces

  • Album:

    Immediate Hits & Mod Ra...

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      [2X: acoustic guitar only 1st time; band enters 2nd]

      A        F#m
      / / / /   / / / /

Verse 1:

       A                  C#m
      O'er the bridge of sighs
          G                D              /E
      To rest my eyes in shades of green
       A                C#m
      Under clear blue skies
      G                          D
      To Itchycoo Park, that's where I've been

                    A         G/A     D
      (What did you do there?) I got high
                     A           G/A       D
      (What did you feel there?) Well, I cried
                     A           G/A       D
      (But why the tears there?) Tell you why


       A            F#m      [4X]
      It's all too beautiful
                    [2: (beautiful)]


         A                C/G
      I feel inclined  to blow my mind
               G    /A  /G  D/F#   /E /D  A
      Get hung up, feed the ducks with a bun
            A                C/G
      They all come out  to groove about
           G   /A   /G D/F# /E /D   E
      When I search for fun in the sun

Verse 2:

      I tell you what I'll do (what will you do?)
      I'd like to go there now with you
      You can miss out school (won't that be cool?)
      Why go to learn the words of fools

      (What will we do there?) We'll get high
      (What will we touch there?) We'll touch the sky
      (But why the tears there?) I tell you why

[repeat chorus]

[repeat bridge]


       A            F#m      [3X]
      It's all too beautiful

      A       F#m
      / / / /  /

      [repeat to fade]:

       A            F#m
      It's all too beautiful

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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