• Song:

    My Minds Eye

  • Artist:

    Small Faces

  • Album:

    The Autumn Stone

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My Mind's Eye:Small Faces.
#4 in 1966.
            (Capo 2nd fret.)

G5                D5                   E5
I sit here every day, lookin' at the sky,
              D5                       C5
ever wondrin' why, I dream my dreams away.
                     D5          D5    G5   D5
And I'm livin' for today..in my minds eye.

G5                         D5                    E5
Things are clearer than before, showing me the way,
asking me to stay.
                     C5                             D5
I'll never close the door to all these things, and more,
   D5       G5    G5
in my minds eye.

E5   D5      E5             G5        E5   D5
Everybody I know says I've changed. Yeah!
E5         D5          E5       G5             D5      C5 D5
Laughing behind their hands, I think they're strange.

G5                   D5                         E5
People runnin' everywhere, runnin' through my life.
                  D5                          C5
I couldn't give a damn because they'll never see,
               D5         D5       G5   D5
all that I can see, with my minds eye.

G5         D5             E5                D5         C5
A5 hahahahaha, A5 hahahahaha, A5 hahahahaha, A5 hahahahaha,

          D5         D5  G5    D5
A hahahahaha, A hahahahaha...in my mind's eye.(x3) (Fade.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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