• Song:


  • Artist:

    Small Faces

  • Album:

    Itchycoo Park

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Key: E5 

Intro:  E5   G5   D5   A5 

E5         G5    D5             A5 
There she is parading on the quayside 
E5       G5        D5     A5 
You can find her every night 
E5   G5             D5              A5 
Ah, waiting for a stevedore from Tyneside ? 
         E5         C#5 C5     B5  E5  
Why it's Rene, the docker's de-light! 

      E5      G5        D5          A5 
Well, if you just got off an oil tanker 
E5          G5       D5              A5
And you've got the readies in the bin
     E5         G5        D5              A5  
Just make your way down to The Crown & Anchor   
        E5        C#5     C5  B5    E5
Ask for Rene and you'll be well in. 


      E5         A5                       E5         Ab5    
She's Rene, the docker's delight, and a ship's in every night 
A5                                             B5  Bb5  A5 
Romping with a stoker from the coast of Kuala Lumpur 
Love is like an 'ole in the wall 
A line-up in the warehouse no trouble at all 
If you can spare the money, you'll have a ball  
She'll have yours   

      E5         G5      D5               A5
Well, there's a kid of every shape and colour
E5      G5      D5                  A5 
Safely hid in coal-sheds, double locked
      E5         G5         D5           A5
Where it's been said that Rene is the mother
  E5              C#5  C5   B5   E5   
I wonder - well, there you go! 
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