• Song:

    The Hungry Intruder

  • Artist:

    Small Faces

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D5       G5  D5    G5 
Here am I, Tiny Fly 
D5     G5          D5          C5   G5  Bb5  
May I share your Shepherd's Pie?  
D5       A5            D5       G5  
What is this strange voice I hear? 
D5      G5   D5         G5 
Here I am , look this way 
D5      G5         D5       C5   G5  Bb5 
In the landscape on your tray 

A5                  G5 
There's no need to ask a silly question 
A5               G5   
If I were you I hope you'd do the same 
A5                    G5 
There's no doubt I'd help a hungry fly 
A5                        G5 
To see you in a fix it's really such a shame 
I'm so hungry I could die 
And now I'll a living fly 
My name is Stan I'm on a quest 
Take your fill, take nothing less 
Instrumental verse 
I am that, that am I 
And now I'll be a living fly
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