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    Small Faces

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A5    G5   D5    A5      
Lala la, lala la  (2X) 

A5                       G5 
When people ask me what love's all about 
        D5               A5 
There's one thing I can say 
A5                   G5 
Some people believe just what I'm putting down 
D5                       A5 
Understand your troubles away 
           F#5                D5 
You got to do this thing with feeling 
           F#5                D5 
You got to know just what I'm meaning 
          F#5                   D5 
You gotta believe just what I'm handing 
     A5              D5               A5              D5 
Understanding (understanding), understanding (understanding) 
Intro + Chorus 
You see I love this life I lead 
And I wanna love it with you 
But people you don't understand just what I'm putting down 
There's no more I can do 
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