• Song:

    Lets Rock

  • Artist:

    Smash Mouth

Transcribed by Luke Knox

I can't find many Smash mouth tabs anywhere besides Walking 
On the Sun, and this is my favorite track off of Fush Yu, so I figured 
out most of it myself.  It's so fun to play.

Verse chords (played with ska upstrokes)
   F#5  Ab5  B5   C#5
F#5                                 Ab5                 B5
Lately I've been thinkin about the past, about the good 
            C#5                          F#5   
times, and have they all come and gone. And are there more
            Ab5         B5           C#5
years behind, then ahead, then I say to myself

(Chorus:(barre chords))
              F#5           Ab5            B5      F#5 B5 F#5 C#5
Fuck it Let's Rock   Let's Rock    Let's Rock      
F#5                                      Ab5
Lately I've been thinkin who's in charge, about who they 
B5                     C#5                        F#5
are, and are they lookin down and laughin hard. And are they
             Ab5                    B5   
aliens or robots, or humanoids, or gods, I think I'm just

(repeat chorus)
Bb5                            B5                C#5    
What if someone takes my cat, what if she runs away what 
   F#5       Ab5         Bb5                            B5      
if she gets hit. What if someone takes my chick, what if she
     C#5     F#5       Ab5          B5             C#5
runs away I won't be blue, cause I know what to do.

(Solo) I'm lost on this one, anybody out there know it besides Greg 
himself? I do know the solo is played over the chorus chords.
F#5                                  Ab5     
Lately I've been thinkin about my vices, and about the 
    B5               C#5             F#5
prices, that I'll later have to pay. I've been thinkin about 
    Ab5                 B5            C#5           
myself, and about my health  then I say what the hell

(Repeat chorus twice, and that's it!)

I hope you like this, it sounds damn good to me.  Let me know what you think.

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