• Song:

    Tempo Bledsoe

  • Artist:

    Smile Smile

  • Album:

    Truth On Tape

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C5 F5 A5 G5

I knew thet I would 
and never thought I'd get to
hold you in my arms 
I never wanna let you down 
or go 

if happiness is you 
I'm happier than ever
my life belongs to you 
I hope this is forever 
is it love?
baby, I hope so


C5 G5 A5 F5

woo hoo hoo
woo hoo hoo
woo hoo hoo
woo hoo hoo

you've been untouchable for years
and now I wanna touch you 
I can't believe you're here
you'll never know ho much 
you turn me on
oh oh oh

I was meant to be alone 
but then you came and changed me 
a wrecking ball of sorts 
sent to rearrange things 
I hope you stick around 
woo hoo hoo
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