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Tune down one half step.

                A               D             G        A    A D G A
      I never think about the future, I just live for today
                  A             D              G         A  A D G A
      And if you want a ready answer I've got nothing to say
                       A             D                 G          A
      So please don't bother talking to me, I'll just disappoint you
                   A                D                   G         A
      Because I'm quite content to sit right here with nothing to do


            E            A              D       E   E A D E
      Well,I'm not the singer that you used to know
         E              A               D        E  E A D E
      I used to be the guy that had someplace to go

                         A          D     G          A
           But that was yesterday, girl, Yesterday, girl
            A         D    G         A                   
           Yesterday,girl,Yesterday girl
                            A         D
           (and you're my) yesterday girl,
            G         A     A         D      G        A
           Yesterday girl, yesterday girl, yesterday girl

       I never want to find an answer cause I don't like the truth
       And if I find just what I'm looking for I've something to lose
       So please don't go and ask me questions I just won't feel the same
       (I'll do what you say, doesn't matter anyway)
       And when I think about religion well there's no-one to blame
       (I'm not feelin' you, doesn't matter what I do)

       Pre-chorus,Chorus, Solo.

       (tell me something new, then I might agree with you)
       (I live for today,not yesterday!)

       Repeat first verse,chorus, end on A.
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