Intro: (Mista Grimm's "Indo Smoke" plays in the background) 
Ay ay Jaycee 
Sup Aron? 
Ain't that Snoop Dogg over there? 
That that nigga with that blue coat on? 
Yeah oh yeah that's that nigga 
Nigga roll up on the side of him man 
Roll your window down 
Man hand me my motherf***in Glock man gimme another clip 
Cuz I'm gonna smoke this fool 
Yeah roll the windows down 
Yeah, OK there you go 
Ay man, you Snoop Dogg? 
Snoop Doggy Dogg? 
Man he's Snoop Dogg 
Man f*** that nigga!! 
*gun shots* 
Nigga man! 
Get that nigga man! 
Man get up fool man, get up man, don't be tryin to run man 
Get up on that fool man, I don't give a f*** 
What set you got now? f*** you nigga! 
Yeah nigga, whassup? 
Yeah motherf***er 
Yeah nigga, one less nigga 
Yeah nigga, youse a dead motherf***er now 

Verse One: 
As I look up at the sky 
My mind starts trippin, a tear drops my eye 
My body temperature falls 
I'm shakin and they breakin tryin to save the Dogg 
Pumpin on my chest and I'm screamin 
I stop breathin, damn I see deamons 
Dear God, I wonder can ya save me 
I can't die Boo-Boo's bout to have my baby 
I think it's too late for prayin, hold up 
A voice spoke to me and it slowly started sayin 
"Bring your lifestyle to me I'll make it better" 
How long will I live? 
"Eternal life and forever" 
And will I be, the G that I was? 
"I'll make your life better than you can imagine or even dreamed of 
So relax your soul, let me take control 
Close your eyes my son" 
My eyes are closed 

Murder... murder was the case that they gave me 
Murder... murder was the case that they gave me 

Verse Two: 
I'm fresh up out my coma 
I got my momma and my daddy and my homies in my corner 
It's gonna take a miracle they say 
For me to walk again and talk again but anyway 
I get, fronted some keys, to get, back on my feet 
And everything that nigga said, came to reality 
Livin like a baller loc 
Havin money, and blowin hella chronic smoke 
I bought my momma a Benz, and bought my Boo-Boo a Jag 
And now I'm rollin in a nine-trizzay El Do-Rad 
"Just remember who changed your mind 
Cuz when you start set-trippin, that ass mine" 
Indeed, agreed proceed to smoke weed 
Never have a want, never have a need 
They say I'm greedy but I still want mo' 
Cuz my eyes wanna journey some more, really doe (check it out) 

Now I lay me down to sleep 
I pray the lord, my soul to keep 
If I should die, before I wake 
I pray the lord, my soul to take 

No more indo, gin and juice 
I'm on my way to Chino, rollin on the grey goose 
Shackled from head to toe 
25 with an izzl, with nowhere to gizzo, I know 
them niggaz from the other side recognize my face 
Cuz it's the O.G. D-O-double-G, L-B-C 
Mad doggin niggaz cuz I don't care 
Red jumpsuit with two braids in my hair 
Niggaz stare as I enter the center 
They send me to a leval 3 yard, that's where I stay 
Late night I hear toothbrushes scrapin on the floor 
Niggaz gettin they shanks, just in case the war, pops off 
Cuz you can't tell what's next 
My little homey Baby Boo took a pencil in his neck 
And he probably won't make it, to see twenty-two 
I put that on my momma, I'ma ride for you Baby Boo 

Chorus 2X 
*flatline noise*
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