• Song:

    Oh My Love

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    People Are Like Seasons...

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Sophia: Oh my love

wonderful song...

Capo 3

intro: Em C D Em

Em                  C
 I thought I knew you
D                    Em
 But I guess I was wrong
Em        C                     D                        Em
 You only see the things you've convinced yourself you saw
Em                C
 But like you said I guess yeah
D              Em
 Maybe I?m blind
Em             C
 Why don?t you open your eyes
           D                Em
 You might like what you find

E                   Bm
  Coz I?ve been waiting
G                   D
 For such a long time
E        Bm        G               D 
 Your love is still fresh in my mind
E             Bm
 And oh my love
            G              D
 Though I wait can?t you see 
E           Bm              G                  D
 I can?t wait forever for you to say you love me

repeat from here...
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