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G Am7 x2

     G                               Am7
So I sat down on my bed, got my guitar out of it's case,
      G                             Am7
And I tried to write a song about a man who fell from grace.
      Am7                             C
But I couldn't seem to manage, no the words weren't ringing true.
    G                   Em                C                G
And I just can't stop myself from writing love songs about you.

       G                               Am7
Then I tried to sing a tune that I was taught when I was young.
       G                                Am7
Oh the melody was sweet enough, but the words came out all wrong.
          Am7                            C
'Cause my head is just so heavy with you stuck in there like glue.
      G                 Em                C                G
And I just can't stop myself from singing love songs about you.

D                         Am
Who wants to hear another song about your face?
          D                                   Am           G Am7
G Am7
About the kisses from your lips, or just some other old cliche?

        G                               Am7
Now I'm trying hard to stop you running circles in my brain.
    G                                    Am7
But every lyric that I hear contains the letters of your name.
          Am7                           C
Since you left me all I think of is the music we once knew,
      G                 Em                C                
G Am7 G Am7
And I just can't stop myself from hearing love songs about you.

this is my first tab but i think it's easy enough. not sure how high a demand there is 
for it though
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