• Song:

    Creatures Of Habit

  • Artist:

    Soul Asylum

  • Album:

    Original Album Classics

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Creatures Of Habit
Soul Asylum
(Dave Pirner)


B-7---7---7---7---7---7---7---7---7-------7-------7--------} Guitar 1-|

A---------------------------------5--/9------\5---7---9----} Guitar 2-|
B-7---7---7---7---7---7---7-------7-------7-------7---7---7---7---2-} Guitar 1-|
G---6---6---6---6---6---6---7----\5---7---9---2---------------0-} Guitar 2-----|

D                   C
If the day wants to begin
Bm              A
You can let the day in
D                   C
If the darkness has no end
Bm           A
Light up the darkness

C                          G
It ain't on what you can depend
                   D        C
It's who you can depend on

If the rain wants to come in
You can let the rain in
If the darkness is your friend
You can hold the darkness

C                        G
And if it ain't what you got
You know you gotta have it
    C                          G                     D
The grass gets greener all the time for creatures of habit
    C            D
For creatures of habit

G                    D
Look out here comes one more morning
G               D
Habits form without a warning
G              D
Love it can be habit-forming

Solo: C C D
      Intro Riff
      D C Bm A

Make your enemies your friends and leap standing naked
It ain't how much you can take it's how you take it

Look out here comes one more morning
Habits form without a warning
Love it can be habit-forming for creatures of habit

Close: G D

Look out
A habit's forming
It's just one more morning
For creatures of habit
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