• Song:

    Promises Broken

  • Artist:

    Soul Asylum

  • Album:

    Grave Dancers Union/Let...

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Intro: E Abm F#m B

 E                               A 
Street are filled with broken glass
you get buried by the past, give me just
           E                       B
a little taste, lay this mess to waste,
Take me home. 
 E                          A 
My mind is racing take me home, my body's
aching so alone, I'll make you want to stay
      E                      B              E
with me befriended by the enemy, one more time

 E                                      Abm 
Every little thing about you tells me nothing out
there is ever gonna help me all these words that
              B                       E
I hear spoken - just promises broken now
 G                                     C9
Looking outside from the window sill throw another
coin in the wishing well,  you'll never find what
      C9       A  D          A 
your looking for, 15 miles your dim light shines
        D         B        E        B
from so far away, your sad smile, is all I see
when I say

E               A                                              
From the hotel satellite don't look like you're livin'
Am                            E
right here's a deal you can't refuse, you ain't got as
        B        E                              Abm 
much to lose ----Can you tell your troubles to someone
                        F#m          B     E
who won't laugh at you, It's alright.     And as I watch
               Abm                          F#m         B
you walk away hope a part of you will stay, it's alright

REPEAT CHORUS ONCE and you're through!

In the breaks between verses, the little hammer is

just A to B. On the A string: open then second fret

The little run before "Looking outside from the window.."
is just C - B - A - D
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