• Song:

    So They Say

  • Artist:

    Soul Attorneys

  • Album:

    Soul Attorneys

Soul Attorny's were a Canadian band that use to advertise against Drunk Driving. They
only made 1 or 2 albums, not sure but this was their hit song

 G Em C  Cmaj7 Dsus4 Dsus4(2) D   Am7  Bm  G/B

This song has tons of variations throughout the song, I Can't keep up with them all but
you'll have to try and figure them all out, they're almost all one or two finger changes
anyways like C and C major 7. Good luck! hope you enjoy this song it's hard to find
incase you have no idea what song this is.

2X(singing comes in on the second time)|G|Em|C|Cmaj7|(Slide to)|Dsus4|
|G|Em|C|Cmaj7|D|hammer to a sus4 (rythme not listed to long lol)

Lyrics: And the whole world seems to be leaning on you, and you tell me they dont know
what to do. 

Lyrics: But they don't know, what I know. They don't know, what I know

Lyrics: and the whole world seems to be....

Chorus again

Lyrics: Beyond the road I speak of, and the road that lies ahead..

Ok the little variations are up too you now!
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